• Advertisements This is a page that post all of advertisements packages.
  • Advertise-website Careers Advertise-websites careers job opening.
  • advertise-websites Search This is advertise-websites version of a search engine for now. advertise-websites is planing to
    upgrade it over time to better fit advertise-websites and the customers needs.
  • Advertise-websites social This is advertise-websites version of a social network. You can sign up for free! advertise-websites is
    plaining to upgrade this to were it best fits customers needs over time. It's free to join! It's free to use! Sign up now to be the next big
    things! advertise-websites social! Its here! Its free to use! Create your own blog and groups.
  • Affiliate Program This program is were you can earn little bit of cash by advertising; advertise-websites packages; or the whole
    websites on your website. You can earn cash by getting people from your website and have them buy something from advertise-
    websites packages.
  • Biography This page is about advertise-websites and employees.
  • Buy This is were advertise-websites buy things from you straight up. That you do not have to put up the hassle on trying to sell things.
  • Classifieds Is where you find job openings and real estate. Plus anything else that may fall under Classifieds.
  • Contact Us This page is to get hold of anyone at advertise-website. If you have questions or what ever it may be.
  • Donate To Make-A-Wish advertise-websites have partnered with Make-A-Wish. advertise-websites has a set goal to raise
    money for kids in needs.
  • Advertise-Email Coming soon! You are going to be able to create account that you can send E-mails to people. Like Gmail and
    Yahoo but different set up.
  • For sale Is where advertise-websites post the items you want to sell like cars, games, TV's, house hold items, and etc.
  • Free Trial advertise-websites do offer a 5 day free trial.  
  • Games Check this page out when you have free time and have fun :). As of right now advertise-websites have 16 games that you
    can play. FOR FREE! If there is any problem with any games please let advertise-websites know that it can get fix asap.
  • Nonprofit & Church Organizations There is no sales tax of any kind, but need proof that you are nonprofit or a church.  I
    advertise you on six different social medias and my website.
  • Partnership Program The program is were two business come together and turn it into one to offer our customers a better service.
  • Paypal Payment or Credit card Payment advertise-websites will be accepting credit cards on the phone, through email's, and
    on my website. The cards advertise-websites accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards. You can also pay with
    Paypal right on this website.
  • Question & Comments This is the page you go to when you have any questions, comments, or concerns you would like to discus
    with advertise-websites.
  • Receipts Demo advertise-websites receipts on every purchase.  Credit card or Paypal you will get one through email or snail mail.
  • Reward Points Send feedback after ever sale and earn some points. The more points you get the more free adverting you can get
    with one of my services except are paid advertising.
  • Services Is where you find the list of services and their prices. That is offered through out advertise-websites.
  • Social Networks This page has all 25 social networks on it that advertise-websites advertise too. You can join any of them at any
    time and leave feedback. Depending on what social network there are offer  or sales on them. There is updates that my happen on
  • Sponsored Ads This is were you buy a spot on one of advertise-websites front pages. Your ad will stand out the most and get
    more people clicking on your ad. You can even purchase a spot on the home page!  This will be link formate only.
  • Video Advertising  advertise-websites is trying video advertising. It can not be a Youtube video and it needs to be an original video
    or close to it.
  • Web page & Web Page Adverting If you are unsure if you want your own website. advertise-websites will create a web page
    for you on this site. If it works out how you want it. Then you can crate your own website after you try your own web page on this site.
    advertise-websites will also advertise your page too.
  • advertising story time advertise-websites have two live video channels. One is Live.me. The other is Youtube channel. The
    difference is advertise-websites go into things more on Youtube then the other. How ever they are both about me and everyone else.
  • When Placing order's If you are looking around advertise-websites pages and want to place an order, but wait you don't see a
    category for your product, business, and etc.  Don't worry advertise-websites will probably do it as long as it does not conflict with the
    items below that is against Policy don't do. advertise-websites just have not created that category yet.
  • advertise-websites Don't Advertise, Sell, Repost, and Place  Beer, drugs. Cigarettes, chat rooms and porn items.
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