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Biography about advertise-websites: Establish in 1/27/2013. By the owner Kevin Franchek. I
started with just advertising businesses and games.  Now I have lots of different category's to
choose from.  I have friendly people that want to help and put the customer first.  My goal is to
be a one in all website.  What I mean by this is that if another website is doing it so am I.  Give
or take a few websites.
Tittle: Owner/Lead Team Member

Work ID#: 1000

Name: Kevin Franchek

Phone Number: 715-226-2804

City/State: Chippewa Falls, WI.


Biography: About Me: I am 32 years old. Trying to
make something into the next big thing. This is
play time. I love doing it. I am getting bigger
slowly.  I always have been told slow and steady
always wins the race. This is my dream to be a
business owner and make it work out for the world
when you get told your whole life that you will
never be a no body.  Well how I look at it. I am a
some body and I am starting to make my baby
advertise-websites into something nice and big.