1. Partnership Terms & Conditions
  2. Partnership qualification
  3. Fill out were ever there is an X
  4. Read the full text before agreeing to terms and conditions.
  5. You may print for your records.
  6. Must bring in business or bring fans to advertise-websites social media.
  7. Must have weekly reports of bring in business or social media fans.
  8. Your business must qualify as a business. Plus have all the paper work for it.
  9. Must be willing to sign a contract.
  10. Terms and conditions are subject to change.
  11. I will give your customers 50% off on packages except ads and full packages pricing.
  12. You will receive an account number and password.
  13. Must provide an address, phone number, contact name, business name, and how long have you been in
  14. I have the right to cancel at any time with written consent with in 72 hours of canceling by email.  
  15. Subject of this policy will change time to time and I will update you of any policy change. I will be asking for you to
    sign our new policy when it gets updated.
  16. If you refuse to sign the new policy within a 72 hour period I will terminate you from the program.
  17. Both businesses must sign this contract in order to be valid.
  18. If you want to cancel we request at least a 72 hour notice.
  19. Send us an email with this singed to kevin@advertise-websites.com and any info I have asked for.
  20. This document that you will be emailing me is the application to see if you qualify for a contract.
  21. Once I received the contract it may take up 72 hours to approve.
  22. If you get a approved you will be sent back the same contract. With the start date on the contract, are signatures
    and any other areas that we need to fill out.
  23. If you have any questions you can call me at 1-715-226-2804 for more info.
  24. If you feel that there are any necessary changes to be made please bring it to my attention.
  25. By law I can't give out any of your information without your prior approval.  If a customer asks about your business
    I will contact you.
  26. This is legal document for advertise-websites.
  27. @Copyright 05/23/2017

X Your FULL Name______________________

X Business Name__________________

X Link of your business_________________________________

X Contact Number _______________

X Email__________________________

X Address____________________

X City_____________________

X State/Zip________________________

X How many years in business____________

X How big is your fan base____________________

X How long you want to stay as partnership with us__________________

X Password you would like to be given minimum of 6 characters___________________

X Explain what your services are and what they can offer me. Please let me know what I can offer you in return.





X Your signature here                                              advertise-websites Owner Kevin Franchek
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The program is were you make two
business and turn it into one to offer our
customers a better service.
Partnership Program