Before purchasing with Paypal please
1-715-226-2804.  This just give
advertise-websites a heads up so that we know
what package you are purchasing and can answer
any questions you may have.  
You can also
email at and
leave a full name, phone number, what package
you are wanting to go with, URL, picture, address,
and 300 words or less describing what you are
wanting advertised.
Wait until
advertise-websites contact you before
you make a final purchase.
Will email you
or give you an ID# that you can check in at any time
to see how things are going. Then you can buy. Tax
does apply on all services of 5.500% plus fees. NO
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Hours of Operation
Monday-Sunday 10:00
AM to 7:00 PM Central
Don't Advertise, sell,
repost, and place  Beer,
drugs. Cigarettes, chat
rooms and Porn items.
Free Trial
advertise-websites dose offer a free trial. Its 5 days free. Advertise on six different social medias. The 5 day trial is
only valid for business days. The six social medias that advertise free to are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook
group, and two Google+ pages. All that is need from you is a URL, pic, 300 words or less of what your product is
about, full name, phone number, and then send it to us at After advertise-websites
receive the email will send you back a ID# and a start date.
Video Advertising
Free for 5 days only. Until I can learn from it and make it grow.  Then after that advertise-websites
will do it longer and put a price behind it. The videos will get advertise on 8 social medias.  We will
advertise it on two Facebook pages, two Google+ pages, Youtube, and three different Facebook
groups.  The only thing advertise-websites ask for is and original video not one off Youtube.  
advertise-websites ask that when you send your video that you include your ID#.  Please email with
any questions. Email is
Advertise-website Careers
Advertise-websites careers job opening.
Credit Cards: accept on the phone, this page, and through email's. The cards
advertise-websites accept are:  Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards. When
placing an order you need to times 3.5% to the total of your price and add $0.15 to that total. That
is fees to use the device. All I need is your card number, Exp number, on the back of card those 3
numbers, and your zip code. All items does have tax of 5.5% on them.  Only package that does
not have tax on it is the Nonprofit & Church Organizations due to laws.
Paypal: Fees and tax's are. Tax's for must items is 5.500% for all items. The fees for using
Paypal that they charge me is Amount Times 2.9%  = .029 + $0.30. You can buy with Paypal on
the Paypal page.
For Sale 1 Item At A Time
For Sale 2 Item At A Time
For Sale 3 Item At A Time
Nonprofit and Church Organizations 1 Week
Nonprofit and Church Organizations 2 Week
Nonprofit and Church Organizations 3 Week
Job Openings 1 Week
Job Openings 2 Weeks
Job Openings 3 Weeks
Real Estate 1 Week
Real Estate 2 Week
Real Estate 3 Week
Advertisements Social Medias 1 Week
Advertisements Social Medias 2 Week
Advertisements Social Medias 3 Week
Advertisements Ads 1 Week
Advertisements Ads 2 Weeks
Advertisements Ads 3 Week
Full package 1 Week
Full package 2 Week
Full package 3 Week
Sponsored Ads 1 Week
Sponsored Ads 2 Week
Sponsored Ads 3 Week
Receipts Demo:  advertise-websites give every person that buys
either with a Paypal and or Credit cards a Receipts.  
advertise-websites can send them in your email Or through the
snail mail. Just give it a couple of days to get there. You will get a
Receipts when the purchase goes through all the way.  To see
how one will look when you get one go to are
Receipts Demo
When Placing order's If you are looking around advertise-websites pages and want to place an order,
but wait you don't see a category for your product, business, and etc.  Don't worry advertise-websites will
probably do it as long as it does not conflict with the items below that is against Policy don't do.
advertise-websites just have not created that category yet.
Paypal Payment
Reward Points: Send advertise-websites feedback after ever sale and earn
some points. The more points you get the more free adverting you can get
with one of the services offered except paid advertising.
Web Page 1 Month At A Time
Web Page 1 Month Adverting
Donate To Make-A-Wish
All Prices has been changed. I
made some lower and fix the
rest. I can explain how I came
up with the higher priced ones.
I hope the prices are more in
your ball park. I do price match
with credit card use only.