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Answer some questions after each sale. Get points after each time you
give us feedback. After so many points it can earn you free adverting
on one of the services except paid advertising.  Please when you fill
this out send me your ID number and what you bought that
advertise-websites can give you the reward points that you deserve.
P.S. If you use my free services you will not qualify to get reward
points. For ever $10.00 dollars you spend you get 5 points. For every
150 points you get a week free of your choose of free advertising.
Every 225 points you get two weeks free advertising of your choose.
For every 350 points you get three weeks free advertising of your
choose. Max points you can turn in at one time is 350, but you can
keep buying and earning points.  Just remember this offer does not
apply for my two paid advertising. You can also earn points by using
my social network.  Doing certain things will give you points. That you
can earn towered advertising.
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