Web Page & Web Page Adverting
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Web Page: is were If you can't make up your mind if you want a website or
not.  It is even if you are scared to get a website because you are unsure if it
will work out or not. Well I make it easy for you. I will design a web page on my
website for you. Just to test run to see if it works for you.  If it works then great
you can create your own website. I will even go as far as telling you what
company to go with that is cheap to design a website after your one month is
done. Only charge for one month at a time. You can do it longer if you like.
With Web Page I do not advertise your page. You do that on your own. I have
it priced from easy design to harder design.
Web Page Adverting: The deference between this and Web Page is
that I advertise your page on twelve different social networks and a main page
some were on my website.