advertising story time
   Advertising Story Time! This is a skill must of us use. To tell a story to get everyone to coming back for more. Not everyone is
able to do it. This is were advertise-websites Youtube channel comes in and comes in. advertise-websites goal is to tell everyone
story's about life, business, collage, and so on. advertise-websites goal is to help people with every day things, grow my business or other
peoples business. This is free to us for everyone that wants to share there story's to the world.  Here is video streaming name
story time. That is a app only so can't direct you to my app page. However here this is Youtube Channel
advertising story time.
account wont go into that much info. However my Youtube channel I will go into more info. When you send your story and is liked. There
will be a paper for you to sign that advertise-websites can say it. Just for any legal issues. You can send your story at With that side advertise-websites is going to tell you a small story just to get you coming for more.

   There was a time that everyone told me the owner that I wont amount to anything. I wont get far in life. Well that is all must true. For
must of my life I was messing up my life. The last year or two I been doing amazing things now. I have my own business now for 3 plus
years. I just went back to school. I have a job. I been doing amazing things.........  Then I found out that there was a lump in my lung.......

   I will finish this on my two video shows. show for that will be Thursday at 6:00 P.M. Central Time. But will do more shows then
just that one every day. My Youtube Channel will start on Sunday 6:00 P.M. Central Time. That will be seasonal only. Will give out more
info the more I do it. They are going to be 9 weeks long for each one. Then 12 weeks between each season. All this will lead some were
someday soon I hope but I will fill you in on the show. I am not sure what you should expect for now. One last thing please send me story's
to tell on story time. I promise you will like it after some time or soon I hope.
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